Summer is here, yippee!! I love Michigan summers.

It is definitely my favorite time of the year. I hope everyone has dusted their Ride Cards off or made it out to a Registration Stop and signed up for one because it is also Winning Time!
There is no catch here, folks--your Free Ride Card allows for you to win stuff! Read all about it in the Ride n’ Win section of the magazine. Then remember to check next month’s issue to see if your Ride Card is listed as a winner.
We have a lot of great sponsors and prizes this year for you to possibly win! All for FREE! Plus, anyone can participate…drive your boat, golf cart, truck, hot rod… it’s all good.

The events keep rolling in and we are thankful for that, because you cannot possibly be bored this riding season. Every weekend there is something going on. Be sure to email me your events to be listed in the free event calendar by the 10th of the month prior and we will get it in. I want to remind everyone that Thunder Roads is supported by advertisers, so if you like reading it each month, please be sure to patronize our supporters. If you know someone that should advertise in the magazine, please share your copy and show them page three; they can reach out to their local sales representative or me. The rates are very affordable and we offer charity discounts as well. Be sure to like Thunder Roads Magazine of Michigan on Facebook to keep up-to-date with exciting updates and latest happenings.

Thank you to all of our loyal advertisers—we appreciate you! Thank you, readers, for your support and making Thunder Roads Magazine #1!

Now for some “Mo” Advice:

What is your worth? I don’t mean how much you have in the bank or how much change you have in your pocket, but rather you as a person.
If you don’t think much of yourself, then others will not either. If you believe in yourself, then that is what you will attract back in your life.
Like attracts like. Believe you are worth all the goodness that life has to offer and remove anyone from your life that doesn’t support your worth. 


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