Fall?!… Say What?

Where the bleep did summer go? It is already time for fall color tour rides? I am amazed at how fast the summer flew by; as I am sure many of you are as well! But here it is, regardless of whether we’re ready for it or not. 

I—like some of you—am in panic mode, because I have not been able to get on my scooter and ride nearly as much as I would have liked to. So, I will be taking time this month to ride! I am all about “positive”, “thoughts become things” and all of that jive; but please, as a precautionary thought, watch out for those four-legged critters—you know the ones I am talking about. Enjoy the beauty that Michigan has to offer this time of year, but be safe. There are still a few places hosting Bike Nights (see page 5). Some go until the snow flies, others will be ending mid-month, but regardless—they are great places to check out. These places also make great destination rides. 

This fall and winter, I will be setting up for the first time ever at a few swap meets. Honestly, in the past I am so exhausted after the riding season from working on massive magazine issues each month, trying to hit as many events as possible, and setting up at a vast amount that I have declined setting up in the winter months to offer a little break. Still, there’s a few this season that I have chosen to set up at. 

Why? In the past, I would walk around at them for a couple of hours, take some photos, and then depart. I feel that the swap meets are a huge part of what defines the classic biker from the new-age biker. I grew up (as mentioned before) in a motorcycle shop. My dad used to set up at swap meets all over the state. It was hard work, packing up the chosen selections, then driving there and setting up in the hope of liquidating as much as possible, to put some coins in the pocket and hopefully not have that much left to pack back up. But this is the true biker tradition: “The Swap Meet.” Whether setting up at one or just attending it is an important part of being a biker…so I look forward to getting back to my roots and setting up at a few this fall/winter. 

I will see you at the Birch Run Swap Meet on October 15. I will be bringing some Thunder Wear, my camera, Thunder Roads Michigan #1 Biker Magazines and my smile—for I will be remembering my childhood days of being at the swap meets with my dad. 

Let’s talk about the Ride Cards. This is the LAST MONTH of winners, so be sure to check and see if your number is listed. REMEMBER: hold on to your Ride Card, because it does not expire. We will kick the Ride n’ Win contest off again next year and you can use that same Ride Card year after year. 

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