Enjoy Each Moment, Live Each Day to the Fullest

I made a post on Facebook not too long ago that read: If you had to give up your cell phone and the internet but you could live back in the time we didn’t have them—would you? I am old school, because I like holding a book in my hands, talking in person, lol my doors open… ooops, different direction! Seriously, I see how busy people are. The world is going so fast and demanding so much from each of us that I want to slow down and say, “enjoy each moment, live each day to the fullest for yourself.” I realize social media has its advantages, but there are times I want to go back to before everyone carried a cell phone. 
Here’s where I am going with this…get off your bleepin’ phones!! Be in the moment. As bikers, we all are pissed off by drivers not paying attention to the road because they are on their phones. Well, I ‘m also pissed because I feel we aren’t paying attention to life because we are on our phones! Remember when you went home and the answering machine took your calls for you while you were out? You can listen, look, browse, be nosy then…when you are home, not driving in your cage, out to dinner with friends, etc. Check it when you get home. 
I am tired of hearing about friends getting into motorcycle accidents due to distracted drivers. Let’s stand together and put the phones away. Life is here – let’s live it!

We only have a few months left of riding season so I sure hope that you are taking advantage of it. Be sure to check in at the riding stops with your Free Ride Card! Read all about it in this issue; seriously, folks, there is no catch—and who doesn’t like free stuff?

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Now for some “Mo” Advice:
Letting Go. Letting go can be one of the hardest things to do. Whether it is a person, job, animal, habit, it is never an easy task. It leaves us feeling lost, empty, and hurt in most situations. 
At times, this can be harder to get through than the reason why we are letting go in the first place. 
Whatever you have to let go of—whether it is by choice or was out of your control—try to find something positive to replace it with. 
Stay strong, love yourself and remember: “This, too, shall pass.”




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