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    Readers Ride of the Month

    Kip Elsea

    Let me explain about this bike, it’s a Iron Horse you want to ride against the wind on, Spectacular!

    Bike was created by Joe “Little Joe” Marino from Birch Run, Michigan and painted by Billy Franet from Saginaw, Michigan.

    Motorcycle Vital Statistics…
    Sante Frame 4130 Chrome Moly w/ Wide Glide forks & Sportster Tank (2 Gallon)
    Paint GM HHR Voodoo Blue
    21″ 80 Spike Front Wheel w/ custom front fender
    Fat Boy Rear Wheel w/ modified Yamaha Badger rear fender
    White Wall Tires
    Motor Shovelhead 77
    Oil Pump S+S w/ custom oil tank 2 3/4 quarts & braided stainless lines
    Carburetor – S + S
    Exhaust 1 3/4″ Straight Out
    Transmission Rebuilt 78-80
    Belt Drive (Promo)
    West Eagle Seat
    Custom 5″ Headlight

    Winner of 2018 Kochville Car & Bike Show – Best Bike

    This bike roars like the world ending, shakes the ground a bit, and catches eyes, overloads hearing. My best description of the bike being a novice in the motorcycle world, being in the presence of this machine gets the imagination going. Sometimes when I see it in action, I’m Dennis Hopper flying down the road on it, taking some glorious roadtrip…

    – William David Scott