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    Readers Ride of the Month


    2005 Suzuki Boulevard

    Through high school and college I rode friends’ bikes but didn’t get my own until after graduating. I got this bike from my neighbor at the time, who made the rear fender. I did all the ironwork on it, sissy bar is a forge welded cage spiral. I re-used the factory foot pegs for the highway bars after making the new foot boards. I also made the seats for it, including a removable driver’s backrest. The best trip I have done was a week long ride around lake Michigan and camp from what I could carry in a pack.

    Readers Rides #2

    Readers Rides Jeffrey

    My story behind buying my first Harley-Davidson. 

    Four years of Saturday cruising in my truck to different Harley-Davidson dealerships 80 miles from where I live to have food from different food trucks and look for the perfect Harley….we found the one!  My bike is a 2015 Ultra Limited the color is a factory color. Harley-Davidson calls it Radioactive Green. 

    Last June at Battle Creek Harley-Davidson we decided to take this one home. I loved riding it so much that I put a little over 6000 miles on it from late June until October that year before I put the bike in storage for the winter. This bike has 149,852 miles on it now. 

    I will eventually by a new one, but I will never sell this one….yes my true love for this bike!