Ride-n-Win Contest

Ride-n-Win Contest sponsored by:

The Ride-n-Win Contest for 2019 kicks off again!

Two NEW Ride stops!
Dan Dan The Mattress Man (M)
802 Ashman St, Midland, MI 48640.
(989) 832-1866
Hours: M & Th 9-7, T, W, F 9-6, Sat 10-5, Sun closed.
1 person wins a candle each month. Great prices, Great selection, Great Customer Service.
The Evening Post Bar & Grill (N)
114 W. 4th St, Clare, MI 48617.
(989) 386-5990
Hours: M-Sat 8 am-11 pm, Sun 10 am- 10 pm.
1 person wins a $20 gift card each month. Awesome food, patio, Bike Night August 6th.

Get Ready! The 6th annual Michigan Thunder Road Run Ride n’ Win contest will be kicking off in June!

Starting in June you will find all the details!

  1. Go to any stop listed on “The Stops” pages with a Ride Card image by it they have Ride Cards, where other stops do not. If you already have your
    card from a previous year, you DO NOT need to register again
    . The Ride Cards DO NOT EXPIRE so hold on to it. The information that you provide
    when you sign-up for your FREE Ride Card only goes to me and will NOT be used for any other purpose than this contest.
    You will not have to provide any other personal information again after this. You will be handed your FREE Ride Card right then. It has a unique number
    on it- take note because that is YOURS and ONLY YOURS.
  2. Once you have your Ride Card go to any or all of the stops listed this month and show them your card! There are also event stops each month that you
    can check in at. Each Stop you hit will write your unique Ride Card number down. Let them know if you spent over $10 there, because your Ride Card
    number will get counted twice!
  3. Then pick up the following months issue to see if your Ride Card number is listed as a winner. You must check this each month as Thunder Roads staff WILL NOT CONTACT YOU and let you know you won. If your Ride Card number is listed as a winner then follow the simple instructions listed on the WINNERS page to claim your prize. Please note: You only have 45 days to claim your prize from the 1st the month it is listed in the magazine. 
    *Make sure to pick-up your copy each month of Thunder Roads Magazine of Michigan to see if your Ride Card # is listed as a winner from stops you made the previous month!

Few Facts

  • Winners are randomly picked from each Registration/Ride Stops, Ride Stops
    & Event Stops each month.
  • The more places you check-in the greater your chances are of winning a
    prize from that stop, multiple prizes and/or one of our sponsors prizes!
  • If you spend $10 or more at any Stop your Ride Card number gets counted
    twice! Please note: The reason why this contest is FREE to you is because
    of our sponsors and stops. So we want to encourage everyone to support
    them in return. That is why we count your Ride Card number twice if you spend $10 or more.
  • You can check-in 1 time each week at each Stop.
  • Riders are able to win multiple prizes – based upon the
    drawing of their check-in.
  • Some prize drawings are specific to only check-ins
    for the particular month – while others prizes are
    drawn from check-in’s all summer Ride n’ Win season

It’s really that simple!

  1. Get Your Own Unique Michigan Ride Card (It Does Not Expire).
  2. Get the list of Stops each month from Thunder Roads Magazine or the website.
  3. Ride out to these stops and show them your Ride Card.
  4. And then you could win cool prizes, including COLD HARD CASH!