February 20, 2024


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Readers Ride Of The Month – February
Readers Rides – EXIT 9
 John B. – Detroit, MI

My 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide has been redone from the front tire to the rear. I purchased it as a stock FLTRX (Road Glide Custom) with 8,000 miles on the odometer.  Now, it has a 23″ x 16″ set up which makes it sit like a Cane Corso. The original factory color was a canvas of Sedona Orange and now has a mix of Amber Whiskey and bursts of abstract art.  (INSERT PIC 2) The motor was a factory 103, now I would have to murk ya if I told ya. Legend REVO-A shocks in the rear with everything new in the primary chest.  4.5 ” stretched bags with a 6-gallon tank.  The Twin Cam engine is coupled with the sound that a D&D Fat Cat exhaust can only provide. The sound system does not come close to the sound of the pipes but does push out the tunes by Rockford Fosgate. The bars are 18″ and the forks have been accentuated with a 7-degree bolt-on rake. The Dakota Digital Gauges set the dashboard off along with the water-resistant radio. Once upon a time made for cross country, now the bike is currently being retired to the Midwest with 37,485 miles.

My Backstory

Exit 9, a life saver and defibrillator between my legs.

I purchased my 2nd hog and 5th bike in February 2018 as a Valentines Day gift to myself. It was bone stock when I took possession and treated me well. However, I needed to add some pazazz to it. Over the next year, it was toured into several states. Completing the season with only doing engine work and adding a few knick-knacks here and there. Then came May 5, 2019, when I went down on the bike and caused 73% total damage to it with no clue of what was to come.  From that day, I was 0-1 with the pavement, but it made me a better rider and gave me the ambition to rebuild my hog. Now, in 2023 it has been across the USA, won several bike trophies for best touring bike and for longest distance at a few annuals. The set up makes it comfortable with the 18″ pullbacks.  I’ve ridden from Jacksonville, FL to Detroit, MI with 18.5 hours of saddle time on the Corbin seat/backrest.  I was inspired to paint this bike as a 1 off for the love I have for graffiti.  It is a conversation piece as most wonder how I came up with the concept for the paint scheme. Therefore, this bike in some ways saved my life and the freedom of artistic expression.