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    Readers Ride of the month- December

    Justin Johnson (JJ)

    This is my 1948 Harley-Davidson WL Sport Solo 

    My name is JJ and I have worked in the motorcycle industry since 1997.

    I currently serve as Assistant Sales Manager at Vehicle City Harley-Davidson in Flint, MI.  I purchased this bike as a basket case about 5 years ago and spent the following 2 years turning it into the period correct bobber you see here.

    The bike was built with the intention of taking it to the Race of Gentleman in 2020, however due to the pandemic those plans were not feasible. 

    The bike was invited to be displayed at Randy “Detroit” Hayward’s Detroit Antique Motorcycle show in 2021.

    This bike has since been used as an almost daily rider for bombing around the Dexter area where I live, and exploring all of the wonderful dirt roads of Southeast Michigan. 

    My future plans include participating in the Motorcycle Chase cross country endurance ride.