December 1, 2023

Personal Shout Out!



          I would love to give a shout out to my grandson Leo. He just finished preschool and will be starting kindergarten this fall.  He’s pretty much grown up in the bike community. His dad, grandpa, and uncles are all Harley riders.  He is 5 years old and loves riding his dirt bikes, four wheelers, but mostly riding his chopper. He LOVES anything Harley-Davidson and it amazes all of us that he can tell you the make of every passing bike. He also refers to passing riders as his “brothers”. Leo loves to hang out at Vehicle City Harley-Davidson, Rockys Great Outdoors, and Rosettes Speed Technology which is where these photos were taken. We are from the Genesee County area, and we know his parents Tony and Ciara are very proud of him.  They’ve done and are doing an amazing job raising a little spitfire!!

Brandy Garza

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