March 28, 2023


February Trails brought to you by

As the road season winds down, the OIS Riders do what most of us do during the winter months… we work on our bikes!   We enjoy working on the projects we planned for, and occasionally ones that we didn’t.  There’s always something, right?

We’ll typically do this on our own time, but we also enjoy helping one another out.  It’s a great time to get caught up on routine maintenance and putting on those new upgrades for “next year”. 

      Winter months may not be the time for riding motorcycles in Michigan, but it doesn’t stop the OIS Riders from thinking about riding!  Recreation with our veterans is our core mission.  So, when the snow gets deep enough, and the days are cold we switch up our gear!  The OIS Riders that enjoy riding snowmobiles look forward to hitting the trails with the veterans and their families at Brave Hearts Estate.

      Winters in Michigan can sometimes be long, cold, and filled with many gray days.  We do our best to turn those days into memorable weekends full of fun and laughs for everyone.  Soon the veterans are looking forward to spending time with one another again and enjoying the beautiful outdoors that Michigan has to offer.  These are great times to reflect on past events and to start turning ideas into reality.  Over the seasons we have had some great times, but we must build off them and keep finding ways to get our veterans involved.

      Please, reach out to the OIS Riders if you, your business, or organization would like to volunteer your time or services at a future event or fundraiser.    Working on a calendar of events for the year takes a lot of time, and effort from everyone.  The OIS Riders are always looking to network with other organizations as well as other fundraising events.  We can lead the way with your support.

For more information on the OIS Riders and Brave Hearts Estate, visit or email .

Jason Middleton
Director, OIS
22645 Pontiac Trail
South Lyon, Michigan 48178