July 17, 2024

From the owner – May

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

My cousin Eric used to say that along with, “That which is in the dark always comes to light”. They both hold a similar meaning. These last couple months have been a time of uncertainties, challenges for many of us financially, physically and emotionally. I have been with my teenage daughter now in complete isolation for 40 days straight, anyone with kids and have survived the teenage years can surely relate to that challenge. I made sure to stock up on the essentials; food, wine, snacks, beer, liquor, more wine, more beer and frozen goods. Regardless, “This too shall pass”.
I want to take an extra moment to really praise my advertisers and supporters and subscribers to Thunder Roads Michigan. Just like in life we see who are true friends are when we go through difficult times; we see with this publication the incredible businesses that are continuing to support it throughout all of this and because of them, I was able to print a publication this month and last. So thank you so much! I am so grateful for your support and honored to be able to still produce Michigan’s #1 free motorcycle magazine both in print and digital versions. Please readers be sure to patronize these businesses when you are looking for a jacket, lawyer, restaurant, bike shop or a home as these advertisers have paid to show you that they are biker friendly, supporters of Thunder Roads and of Michigan!

Don’t miss a single issue and subscribe for only $20 (6 issues) today at ThunderRoadsMichigan.com or mail check / money order to PO Box 1782 in Midland to your left on this page, be sure to include item name and phone number in case there are any questions or I can’t read your writing.

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Looking forward to the 2020 riding season and seeing all of you out and about at the events! Don’t forget if you have an event to email the details to Jody@ThunderRoadsMichigan.com at least one month prior to be listed in the event calendar. We also offer charity discounts as well, just contact us and we can help you make to make your event a success!

Now for some “Mo” Advice:
Put your troubles in a pocket with a hole in it.