July 16, 2024

Letter From The Owners – July 2024

Wheew… what a ride it’s been!  We made it through the Mackinaw City Motorcycle Rally, the Michihistrigan Rendezvous Rally, and trying to work our way to Bike Bash in West Branch as I’m writing this.  These “Owner Letters” are typically the last thing that I do when wrapping up the upcoming month’s issue of Thunder Roads Michigan Magazine.  Trust me, I need every minute to focus on everything else that we must remember and always … always feel like we are forgetting something.  We seem to have the usual discussion “What are we missing?” way too many times before we send it in for print.   It’s nerve racking!  The last thing we ever want to happen is to miss something that is supposed to make it in the mag… like a photo that someone is going to be looking for, an event in the calendar, an article, or even worse an advertisers ad.  I sometimes laugh at myself because it makes me believe that there is no way that the previous owners of the mag didn’t feel the same way, right?  As if they are reading this now..lol. 

Another reason that I typically end up writing the LFTO last is because I probably change my mind about 10 times on what I am going to write about.  Seriously.   Plus, I find myself writing about something and then going on into some sort of rambling that takes me down some rabbit hole where only my head pretends to understand what I’m even saying.  Kinda like right now.  Aly is shaking her head at me because she looks over my shoulder sometimes and admittedly, we agree that I can get too wrapped up into what I’m saying and end up writing with my emotions and saying things that I probably shouldn’t.  You would think that owning your own publication would give you the freedom to say whatever the hell you want, whenever you want. Far from it.  Instead, I just sigh a lot and save it for about two o’clock in the morning along with all the other garbage.

Anyhow, I’d like to share that with us being in FULL swing of our season that we are looking for some awesome people to work with us.   If you find yourself with just enough extra time to contribute bike related content, distribute magazines, sell advertising, or work beside us at events, please reach out to us!  We are growing and could use the help.  We the pace we are growing we need it!   Especially in the U.P. area, up north, the southern, and southeast parts of the state.   If you would like to talk about an opportunity, please shoot me a text, or an email.  Or send us a message online… whatever works for you. Look forward to hearing from you,

RJ & Aly