July 17, 2024

Letter from the Owner – August 2020

Is it over yet, will it ever be over? I don’t know about you but I am starting
to feel like this Covid pandemic is never going to be over… maybe after
the election it will finally end. It has affected everyone I know, myself
included mentally, financially and even physically whether they had it or
not because we are limited in so many ways. What few events there are
may not even happen.

We all feel like we are in limbo, unable to make
plans because almost day to day the status of what we can do changes. I
am trying to remain positive, but I have to be honest it is hard. Let’s stick
together through these tough times and be there for one another. Let’s
try to smile vs. frown each day… oh wait, you can’t see if I am smiling or
frowning through my mandatory mask I am now forced to wear. Ha Ha

I had to be facetious with that one because I don’t agree. Regardless, I
wait patiently in hopes that this will be over soon and we can once again
enjoy social activities such as concerts, rallies, bike runs, etc.
Please don’t forget to continue to reach out to friends and family that may
still be struggling during these difficult times. Please help each other.
Please support the advertisers you see in this issue that are still paying
for ads and hoping that August brings back life in their businesses.

Without them I would not be able to still publish this magazine for you to
enjoy so please be sure to patronize these wonderful people and places.
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at ThunderRoadsMichigan.com or mail check / money order to PO Box
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Don’t forget to check in advance if an event is still going on and also
if you are hosting an event don’t forget to email the details to Jody@
ThunderRoadsMichigan.com at least one month prior to be listed in the
event calendar. We also offer charity discounts as well, just contact us
and we can help you make to make your event a success!

Now for some “Mo” Advice:
Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with
that and all will be well- Buddha.

This is a great saying to remember through all this. I hope it brings you hope and peace.
Jody Mohowitsch
“Jody Mo”