July 17, 2024

Letter from the owners – March 2023

Letter From The Owners
March, 2023
The weather is changing, I can feel it in my bones! – lol. Yeah, it’s negative windchills and back up to 50 something in the blink of an eye here in Michigan. Give it a minute, it will change, right? It seems like spring is far away looking out the window sometimes and then we get teased to get our steal horses out of the barn. Then if you are like most of us following what we like to follow on social media, you’ve already seen posts with selfies of riders on those days. Oh, then you get all the hate for not waiting for “the salt to be off the roads”, and the “you better wash your bike when you get home” comments. Well, to each their own. I’ve done it too. We’ve taken rides in late November, December, January, February, … you get the picture. It’s Michigan!

For those lucky enough get the chance to take that ride down to Florida for Daytona Bike Week.. can’t wait to see those selfies! – lol. This issue will be hitting the stands about the time that the lucky ones will be filling up their tanks on either their truck to make the voyage down, or when they are filling up the tank on their bikes… because you left early. Either way, we wish everyone that makes the voyage to the 82nd Daytona Bike Week a safe and fantastic time! We will be living vicariously through all your shares and posts online. If anyone out there actually reads this and you have some Thunder Roads® Michigan swag, take us with you! While you’re down in Florida, tag us in a picture with you wearing your Thunderwear, holding a Thunder Roads® Michigan Magazine, or even holding a cold one in one of our koozies. We may just have a surprise for you when you get back! Don’t forget to tag us!

We Michiganders know that the stinkin’ ground hog hardly ever gets it right, but we can somewhat count on weather starting to break after Daytona. As a matter of fact, Thunder Roads® Michigan will be out at J&P Cycle in Taylor, MI to help them kick off their first bike night. It is scheduled for March 14th and to say we are looking forward to it would be an understatement. So come on out and hang out with us and the other vendors and have some fun! On March 26th the Thunder Roads® Michigan team will be set up at the Novi swap meet put on by J&C Motorcycle, aka Huge Swap Meet. Everyone knows that this is the big one! It’s gonna be HUUUUGE!

Aly and I would like to give a personal Shout Out to Bikes, Babes, and Booze with Jim & Scott for letting us brave the cave on their show in February. You can listen to the podcast by scanning the QR code on the Shout Out page in this issue. Can’t wait until next time, and the chance to maybe burn some gas with you guys this summer! #supportsmallbusiness If you would like to give a Shout Out to someone or someplace.. just scan our Shout Out QR and send it our way. It’s an easy and fun way to show some love to that special person! Or follow the steps on our website at www.thunderroadsmichigan.com.

If your place of business or charity has an event to share… get it to us asap at editor@thunderroadsmichigan.com to get it on our Event Calendar.
Speaking of support. Aly and I are so thankful for all the support we have been receiving from everyone! The positive feedback on our first two issues has been very encouraging and it helps us feel like we are heading in the right direction. Thank you!! We still have a lot of tricks up our sleeves. So, to our fellow Thunderheads, bring back some of that warm weather with ya from Florida!
RJ & Aly