May 23, 2024

Letter From The Owners – November 2023

Giving Thanks.

November is known as the month to “give thanks” and show appreciation for our blessings. Heck, the word “Thanksgiving” and the idea it brings to gatherings kind of says it all. Still, it’s not necessarily hard to say the words “Thank you”, but it’s something that is sadly being forgotten from our vocabulary these days. Maybe we truly are thankful, but we miss our opportunity to say it, even though we all know it’s importance. After all, it’s one of the very first things we teach our children, right behind please.

Let’s bring it back. Take a moment to pause and think about what you’re truly grateful for. Look around. It’s not about what you have per se, or the material things you might possess. It’s being thankful that you are still here. Remember those we’ve lost and how much we miss them. Be thankful for the time we shared. If you are having a hard time finding the blessings in your life, I can almost guarantee that you can find one each day by blessing someone else. You see, a blessing doesn’t have to be an object you look at or touch, it’s more of a feeling. You can find that blessing by opening or holding that door for a stranger, doing something nice without any reward or expectation in return, put your phone down and bless each other with a friendly conversation without distraction. Go out of your way and thank someone for their efforts and let them know you appreciate them. Have you ever helped someone, and they said, “thank you, you’ve been a blessing”. It was probably someone older than you that said it. Go out of your way to do a good deed and accept the blessing of thanks from others. Take the compliment. Accept the blessing.
Veterans Day is coming up, so here’s my challenge to myself and to all of you. Make it a point to thank our service men and women when you see them. Thank every veteran you meet for their service. Pay attention to that hat, that jacket, that shirt, or even that tattoo they are proudly wearing. November 11th is Veterans Day. Its design is to remind us, as free Americans, to thank our veterans with all the gratitude they deserve. Look them in the eye, shake their hand, and tell them thank you. Not only will you be blessing them, but you’ll also feel great finding yours.
Happy Veterans Day and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!