July 16, 2024

Letter From The Owners – March 2024


            Sometimes it can be difficult to forecast what mother nature brings us here in Michigan, especially since we typically write the Owner Letters during the month prior, to make the next month’s print on time.  However, we have seen so many bikes on the roads over the winter that we are going to go ahead and predict that we will have a beautiful 48-degree day and sunshine on March 1st.  We’ll make sure to compare our prediction when this issue hits the stands- lol.  How’s that for forecasting?  I guess we’ll have to pay attention and see!

Another sign of spring is when swap meet season here in Michigan is over.  The promoters do a pretty good job keeping us moving and thinking about bikes in our down time and we really appreciate that.  Oh, and we can’t forget about Bubba’s Mother’s Day Swap at the Midland Fairgrounds in May!  That might be the last one other than some smaller stuff during the summer.   Anyway, between swap meet season and riding season, most of us will be hitting up our favorite bike blessings too, like The Original Blessing in Baldwin.  They (bike blessings) seem to be popping up more and more all over the state and along with Baldwin’s and others, we plan to check out the 2nd Annual Houghton Lake Blessing, and the Grayling Blessing this year.  It looks like St. Ignace is even having a bike blessing this year too!  Ovid’s Blessing was a lot of fun last year (even though we rode there in rain), and we plan to make it there again this year.   Lol – we’d hit them all if we could!    By the time all the bike blessings are done, we’ll all be getting into the swing of our favorite bike nights, poker runs, charity runs, and favorite rallies.  And man, we can’t wait!   So, remember “WHERE THERE’S BIKES… THERE’S SURE TO BE THUNDER”.   Make sure to stop and say hello when you see us out this year and grab your copy of Thunder Roads Michigan at our Thunder Zones and at our awesome biker friendly businesses that support us and you