June 25, 2024

Letter From The Owners – February 2024

February is the month when absolutely nothing and everything is happening. 

Starting on the 2nd . We’ll base our spring and summer hopes on whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not.  FYI, I had to look up what it means if he does see his shadow because I can never keep it straight.  Yes, it would mean only 6 more weeks of winter.   However, that would estimate winter would be over 4 days before the first day of spring on March 19th.   Exciting right?!

February 11th.  Most will have the highest of hopes … well, not all of us I guess, but most hope to be cheering on the Detroit Lions in Super Bowl LVIII.  That’s Super Bowl number 58 for those wondering.  Props to Aly for knowing her Roman Numerals and clearing that up for us ahead of time… again, I had to look it up. Go Lions!

February 13th will be Mardi Gras, and many will be looking forward to getting their party on down on the bayou.  Looking back, those were some of the best episodes of COP’s on TV… that’s about as close as I personally prefer to get.

And then there is Valentines Day.  If I have to remind all of you what day that falls on… you’re already in trouble.  Yeah, yeah, some of you don’t “acknowledge” it because it’s just another made up reason to get you to spend your hard-earned money on trifling things… I’m talking about chocolates and roses… what did you think I was talking about? – lol 

Now, there are some other “official” and not so many dates in February that we could mention, but I think this one is kind of cool.  Again, Aly for win on things happening this month… It’s Leap Day on February 29th!  Why is that exciting?  Well, it was explained to me that every four years, some of you actually are able to celebrate your true birthdate.   Yeah, she also let me in on the joke about those that are born on the 29th of February and getting people to guess how old they are.  Silly, but fun.  So, out of curiosity I had to look up if anyone famous was having a birthday this year and hear they are. 

Ja Rule & Tony Robbins. They are the only two that I could recognize besides Superman, and he’s not even a real person.  Did you stick with me on this one?   

Happy Valentines Day Aly! ~ RJ