July 17, 2024

Letter from the Owner – September 2022

Lessons in Life

Life is full of lessons. You have a choice in life to grow and learn from them and move forward or to let them get the best of you.  Dealing with difficult situations can be stressful and often times feel like you are being tested and pushed to your limits.  I have dealt with my share of difficulties just like anyone else.   A couple of years ago my now 16 year old daughter bought me a cool little book for Christmas titled, “Life is a Joke- 100 Life Lessons with punch lines”.  Instead of reading this book cover to cover I chose to read a story when I feel like I need inspiration and guidance.  I would like to share the story I read last night as I feel it is a good lesson for us all, especially in these times as sadly it seems like there is more evil and deception than ever before in this world so you need to seek and surround yourself with honest, good souls.  And as I have said before, “That which is in the dark always comes to light”.  Just like truth.  The book was written by the Javna Brothers.  Here is the story I read:

In Confidence

“Education is when you read the fine print, Experience is what you get if you don’t.”
-Pete Seeger

Four lawyers- two senior partners and tow junior associates- were traveling to a conference by train.  At the station, the junior associates watched as the senior partners bought a single ticket.  “How can you both travel on one ticket? Asked one of the younger lawyers.  “Watch and learn,’ said a senior partner.  They all boarded the train and the junior associates took their seats, but the senior partners squeezed into a restroom and closed the door behind them.  Soon after the train left the station, the conductor came around to collect tickets.  He knocked on the bathroom door.  “Tickets please,” he said. The door opened a crack and one arm appeared, holding a ticket.  The conductor took the ticket and moved on.  The junior associates were impressed by this trick.  So on the return trip, the senior partners suggested they try it too.  But as the junior partners were buying their single ticket, they were surprised to see that the senior partners weren’t buying any tickets at all.  “How can you travel without a ticket?” asked one of the young lawyers.  Watch and learn,” said a senior partner.  They all boarded the train, and the junior associates squeezed into one bathroom while the senior partners squeezed into another one nearby.  Soon after the train left the station, one of the senior partners emerged and walked over to the bathroom where the junior partners were hiding.  He knocked on the bathroom door and said, Tickets, please.”

Life Lesson:  The lure of getting “something for free” can cloud your judgment…and makes you really vulnerable to scam artists.  Don’t trust a scammer. Ever.  If they’re cheating another person, it’s a safe bet they’ll do it to you too.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re on the same side.  You’re never on the same side as a con man- They’re only out for themselves.  And remember: a good con artist never seems like a con artist.  They seem like someone you can trust- which is what makes them successful.  You don’t realize you’re a victim until you’re left without a ticket on a moving train.

Beyond the Punch Line:  A “con artist” (from “confidence artist”) specializes in gaining your confidence… so they can cheat you.  They may be well-dressed, personable and convincing.  And what they offer you may be incredibly attractive.  But it’s all designed to get your attention and then part you from your money by appealing to two things:  your need and your greed.

You can read more on it, but that sums it up pretty well I think a good life lesson for us all.

My parents raised me to be independent and sometimes that is the better way to go.  With only one cook in the kitchen things are less likely to get burned or even yourself.  I hope you enjoyed this story.  Not a fun one to live, but just another life lesson.  Life’s full of them.

Now back to business, this year marks the 15th year of Bikes on the Bricks, which if you have never attended you really need to check this event out!  The motorcycle skills competition brings in nearly 100 motorcycle police officers from all over the US and Canada.  To watch them compete in the skills challenge is truly unbelievable as they scrape floor boards and show off their amazing riding abilities on their police bikes.  There are many more events left this year so mark your calendars and get out there and ride!  Be safe, have fun and soak up the sun while you can.  

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Now for some “Mo” Advice: 

Never let someone in your kitchen unless you really know and trust them with a knife. 

“Jody Mo”

Publisher of Thunder Roads Michigan