June 24, 2024

Letter from the Owner – August 2022

It’s summertime

It’s summertime and the weather has been great.
Enjoy it while you can because you know what’s
down the road. Get out there and check out some of
these awesome biker friendly businesses that help
support Thunder Roads Michigan. Also, be sure to
check out our event calendar for some fun events
coming up like Fowlerville, Bikes on the Bricks and
many others. The events this year everywhere are
getting huge attendance, most likely because we have
been cooped up from the pandemic and folks are just
needing to break out and feel that freedom that we all
seek being bikers. If you have been wanting to order
some Thunder Wear be sure to check out the website:
ThunderRoadsMichigan.com or find us at some of
those events mentioned. Enjoy the rest of summer and
mark your calendars for those great events…always a
good time.
If you have a business and are interested in advertising
or becoming part of the team you can also go to
ReasonsToRide.com. It is the one stop shop. Where
you can find out more info on most anything or post
your event or even manage an upcoming show or event
through this site.

Get on board NOW with your business and save
extra for signing up NOW even if it’s just a business
subscription, which is only $20 mth.

Make sure to check out the website at
ThunderRoadsMichigan.com for all your needs related
to Motors, Lakes and Trails.
I appreciate my loyal advertisers and readers support,
thanks to you, Thunder Roads Michigan is MICHIGAN’S

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of Michigan, subscribe today for only $40 (12 issues)
at ThunderRoadsMichigan.com or mail check / money
order to PO Box 1782 in Midland, MI 48641-1782.

Now for some “Mo” Advice:
Holding on to anger is like picking up a hot coal to
throw at someone. You are the one who gets burned.