May 23, 2024

Letter from the Owner – November 2022

Brrrr, cold in more ways than one.

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for winter, this is the time when we have to make sure to prepare and hunker down for the cold bite of what some in Michigan actually look forward to, ha ha ahh not me, but to each their own and that is certainly what our great state has to offer; the seasons that individually predict what we can, will and am able to do… anyone in Michigan knows this.  Maybe I should get a snowmobile?!? 

This time of year make sure that you keep a battery tender on your bike, tractor and other toys that will be setting or taking a long winters nap. Also, this time of year is a perfect opportunity to get that custom part you have been wanting installed or some motor work done, or perhaps an upgrade to your audio (there’s an advertiser in this issue for that too).  Many wait till the spring and then they want it done yesterday.  So be proactive and get it done now so you are all set when spring rolls back around.

This month on November 11th we pay honor and respect to our Veterans, but let’s make sure that we are doing that more than just one day a year.  On the cover we honor some of those who have served to give us the freedom that we have, they deserve the upmost respect for their courage and are true heroes.  So to all the veterans out there, “Thank you for your service!”  I am proud that my father (God rest his soul), served 2 tours in Vietnam, 1st Air Calvary Division.  His job was a helicopter mechanic, ironically after he returned home he decided to open up a motorcycle shop, which he had from 1974-2002 until he passed away from cancer related to Agent Orange.  In respect and honor of him I put his military photo also on the cover, can you figure out which one he is? 

On a different subject, I also need to address, the issue of imposters.  I am so disappointed that I even have to address something like this.  I made a statement of this issue on Facebook, but want everyone to know that if it doesn’t say Thunder Roads Michigan on the cover, then it’s that imposter I spoke of in my post.  Please do not be mislead that even though this person in using the name Thunder Roads Michigan and even my logo and photos of past issues that they are trying to trick you into thinking that this magazine (which doesn’t say Thunder Roads Michigan on the cover) is somehow the same magazine.  Check it out on Facebook and please help me to get the word out on this.  I have spent the last 10 years as owner and never thought in all my years someone would go this far to try to make a buck.  It is truly disheartening to me and I hope that you help me to make it known, not to be fooled.   

Also, be sure to check out the website at for all your needs related to Motors, Lakes and Trails.

I appreciate my loyal advertisers and readers support, thanks to you, Thunder Roads Magazine of Michigan is still the #1 Free motorcycle magazine in the state- look for that name on the cover and you know it’s the true Thunder Roads Michigan.  I have been very blessed to have been the owner for over 10 years now.  Make sure to pick up a copy (or view online) next month’s issue for an exciting announcement. 

Now for some “Mo” Advice: 

Our ability to handle life’s challengers is a measure of our strength of character- Les Brown

“Jody Mo”

Owner/Publisher of Thunder Roads Michigan