June 24, 2024

Letter From The Owners – August 2023

Let me take you back to December 12, 2022, with me. I remember Aly and I sitting in our new makeshift office, and we were so excited about where everything was going to go in the limited space we had. It was like the scene from Step Brothers where they are excited about all the activities, they are now going to have room for. We were going to have desks across from each other! Did we just become best friends!? – lol.
At that time, we were pillaging through everything we could get our hands on for ideas for the magazine. We just couldn’t wait to write the things we thought were important on our enormous dry erase board we just had to have. It was a roller coaster of omg what did we do? … to omg it’s going to be so much fun! It was exciting to think about being able to travel and call it work! HA! Now there’s some humor! On that enormous dry erase board, we had written “Find a place or person that builds bikes to follow and write about.” We needed content! We needed something the readers would enjoy following. Low and behold, we found the Wyld Stallions Motorcycle Build Competition on Facebook. It was exactly what we were looking for! It was fresh, it was just about to begin, and they were looking for a way to get the word out. Perfect.
I reached out to Derek Long, the master mind behind the WSMB and it was refreshing to know that he was as excited as we were to have made the connection. It’s pretty cool looking back and seeing how things moved along and progressed. From our first talk, our first meeting, the final updates, and now preparing for the big reveal and winner to be chosen at Owosso Vintage Motorcycle Days. Wow where does time go?! It’s been a roller coaster for Aly and I the last 9 months, but we have to hand it to the Wyld Stallions Builders. You guys have had some struggles and you all deserve a round of applause for the courage, faith, and efforts that you all have put into this competition. Life has its way of slowing us down sometimes and making us reevaluate our priorities. Regardless of finishing or not. Show up. Be proud of your efforts. Be proud for challenging yourself. Some of you have gone through the ringer over the last few months. Kudos to all of you! No regrets… we’ll see you guys on August 26th at the show, and we can’t wait to celebrate with all of you at the Grease Rag Customs shop afterward!